Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Mouesday!

I have always loved fortune cookie fortunes. This one I received last week.
It's always hard going back to work from a three day weekend, my body says Monday, my mind says, "No, no, no it's Tuesday." My genius boyfriend dubbed today Mouesday. A weird conglomerate of Monday and Tuesday mashed into one. I like it and am rolling with it.

I started a new thing this Mouesday. "Complete 4 tasks" before blogging.  I am hoping that this small chunk of tasks every day will help me feel motivated. And writing about it will be even more fun!

My four tasks today were:
- Awesome sock thank you
I got these awesome Nerd socks from someone on Reddit Gifts. However, I was stupid late posting a picture of them, but at least that is done. I can't wait to wear them on my camping trip next Thursday!

- Sign up for next Reddit Gift
Arbitrary day 2012 here we come! \0/ Sign up at Reddit Gift to participate!

- Re-enroll in FAFSA. (YAY! School!)
Pretty self explanatory and less painful than last year.

- Blog plan (It's always good to have a plan, ne?)
I am on the blog planning right now, I really hope everyone enjoys what I have in store!

Tomorrow is going to be yet another busy day at work, and even more busy when I get home! I have a two hour block of Big Android BBQ planning which will take up most of my "Complete 4 tasks" challenge for the night, which means I will have to complete my four tasks on the commute to and from work.

The four tasks for tomorrow are:
- Prepare for blog posts.
- Sign up for Fall classes
- Read S.L. Farrell's A Magic of Twilight (Book one of the Nessantico Cycle)
- Go through past starred articles on Google Reader and figure out which ones are worth saving

Monday, May 28, 2012

First post... again.

My nails. Hopefully will have time to do another manicure this week!
Hello everyone, welcome to my corner of the web.

I never know what to write in the first post, except for what I want to write in future post. >.<

I am a conglomerate of different things, an artist, an avid music listener, a mom, a student, a great wealth of Android knowledge. I feel the need to share most of these things on here, well except for the Android part, there are too many Android blogs out there anyways. However, I do like to post my screenshots, and I may post them here. :)

I am a mother of a 9 year old daughter, who is the light of my life. I am a single mother, her father made poor decisions in his life that now prevents him from seeing his daughter. As such I refrain from posting images of her on the internet. Such is life.

I am an honor student at a Community College here in Denver, obtaining that degree for Computer Science. Admittedly, the math part is hard, especially Trigonometry, but I never really grasped GEOmetry so I was doomed from the start. I did manage (by the graces of any God you choose) to pass Trig and move on to Calculus. I grasped those concepts, derivatives and such, but once you threw in Trig (which was on a BUNCH of tests,) I felt lost and overwhelmed. Which made me reconsider my major, I am thinking art. Yeah... drawing for a living sounds much better...

I draw anime extremely well, err... should I say the heads. Creepy I know, but I still need to work on those bodies! I really hope that with practice from a class, where I am being graded on how well I draw the human figure, will surely help.

Music. I appreciate all forms of music, however that does not mean I like it. Nor does that mean that someone else has to love my favorite form of music, Dubstep.  I love the wobbly rhythms and the way the bass makes me feel, I love the sound of transformers breakdancing, machine parts moving, or podracers zipping by at mind-boggling speeds.

I am a tomboy. However, I have a secret. I am wanting to burst out into super epic feminineness (LOL It's a word now!!) that would make even my own mother cry tears of joy. I want to try to do my hair and keep up on my nails and wear skirts and try makeup. You know, the girly things a girl is supposed to enjoy. :P

Welp, that is me, not bad for a first post I must say. :) I hope to keep up with this one and to never have to do a first post again! :D