Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Mouesday!

I have always loved fortune cookie fortunes. This one I received last week.
It's always hard going back to work from a three day weekend, my body says Monday, my mind says, "No, no, no it's Tuesday." My genius boyfriend dubbed today Mouesday. A weird conglomerate of Monday and Tuesday mashed into one. I like it and am rolling with it.

I started a new thing this Mouesday. "Complete 4 tasks" before blogging.  I am hoping that this small chunk of tasks every day will help me feel motivated. And writing about it will be even more fun!

My four tasks today were:
- Awesome sock thank you
I got these awesome Nerd socks from someone on Reddit Gifts. However, I was stupid late posting a picture of them, but at least that is done. I can't wait to wear them on my camping trip next Thursday!

- Sign up for next Reddit Gift
Arbitrary day 2012 here we come! \0/ Sign up at Reddit Gift to participate!

- Re-enroll in FAFSA. (YAY! School!)
Pretty self explanatory and less painful than last year.

- Blog plan (It's always good to have a plan, ne?)
I am on the blog planning right now, I really hope everyone enjoys what I have in store!

Tomorrow is going to be yet another busy day at work, and even more busy when I get home! I have a two hour block of Big Android BBQ planning which will take up most of my "Complete 4 tasks" challenge for the night, which means I will have to complete my four tasks on the commute to and from work.

The four tasks for tomorrow are:
- Prepare for blog posts.
- Sign up for Fall classes
- Read S.L. Farrell's A Magic of Twilight (Book one of the Nessantico Cycle)
- Go through past starred articles on Google Reader and figure out which ones are worth saving

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