Monday, May 28, 2012

First post... again.

My nails. Hopefully will have time to do another manicure this week!
Hello everyone, welcome to my corner of the web.

I never know what to write in the first post, except for what I want to write in future post. >.<

I am a conglomerate of different things, an artist, an avid music listener, a mom, a student, a great wealth of Android knowledge. I feel the need to share most of these things on here, well except for the Android part, there are too many Android blogs out there anyways. However, I do like to post my screenshots, and I may post them here. :)

I am a mother of a 9 year old daughter, who is the light of my life. I am a single mother, her father made poor decisions in his life that now prevents him from seeing his daughter. As such I refrain from posting images of her on the internet. Such is life.

I am an honor student at a Community College here in Denver, obtaining that degree for Computer Science. Admittedly, the math part is hard, especially Trigonometry, but I never really grasped GEOmetry so I was doomed from the start. I did manage (by the graces of any God you choose) to pass Trig and move on to Calculus. I grasped those concepts, derivatives and such, but once you threw in Trig (which was on a BUNCH of tests,) I felt lost and overwhelmed. Which made me reconsider my major, I am thinking art. Yeah... drawing for a living sounds much better...

I draw anime extremely well, err... should I say the heads. Creepy I know, but I still need to work on those bodies! I really hope that with practice from a class, where I am being graded on how well I draw the human figure, will surely help.

Music. I appreciate all forms of music, however that does not mean I like it. Nor does that mean that someone else has to love my favorite form of music, Dubstep.  I love the wobbly rhythms and the way the bass makes me feel, I love the sound of transformers breakdancing, machine parts moving, or podracers zipping by at mind-boggling speeds.

I am a tomboy. However, I have a secret. I am wanting to burst out into super epic feminineness (LOL It's a word now!!) that would make even my own mother cry tears of joy. I want to try to do my hair and keep up on my nails and wear skirts and try makeup. You know, the girly things a girl is supposed to enjoy. :P

Welp, that is me, not bad for a first post I must say. :) I hope to keep up with this one and to never have to do a first post again! :D

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