Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday

Hey everyone! I am back from camping, alive and didn't see any bears. I want to share a quick post Androinerdy post to show you my new phone setup. I finally got my replacement phone where I like it.

I am using Go Launcher Ex on my Samsung Epic 4G Touch with the Ice Cream Sandwich theme pack applied.
The wallpaper is Pawakit's Pixel from this month's premium chance item, Rainbot. And the clock is One More Clock - Zehro's Conky Clock stylized in blue (specifically #ff00bdff).

The wallpaper is Derlaine's Dee Saturate from the premium CI, Rainbot, as well!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Now of to watch some Fairy Tail and eat some pizza! Manicure later! ;)

Go Launcher EX: Play link
Ice Cream Sandwich Go Launcher theme pack: Play link
One More Clock Free: Play link
Source link to wallpapers used:
Pyawakit's Pixel
Derlaine's Dee Saturate

Gaia Online

PS - Wow, I can spell. >.< LOL

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